Welcome to 2015 Dynamic Language Conference site. The DLC is a one day event this year held on Saturday, June 20th at Studio, Manchester.

The DLC is a cross-language event aimed at Open Source Dynamic Languages, we hope to bring together all the languages in an open forum to discuss and present the manner in which these languages approach and solve tasks at the cutting edge of development technology

The Dynamic language conference is a joint initiative organised by FlossUK and Shadowcat Systems. We hope to encourgae a wide uptake from both business, entrapaneurs, freelancers and interested individuals.

This year we will be focussing on Web Applications and System Administration in which we will discuss how the Dynamic Languages are utilised for these areas. We will accept talks or submissions on these subjects.

If you would like to sponsor the Dynamic Languages conference then please contact Jane, Kimball or Mark who will be able to help and guide you further.

Please log in to register or submit a paper. If you do not have an Act account already please use the new user link to register for this event, you can then submit a talk or make your conference schedule when we publish. The closing date for talks is Friday 3rd April and the Schedule will be released on Monday 27th April.

The location of the conference is in Manchester's trendy Northern Quarter less than 1km from either central train station and close to the city's bus and Metro links.

Watch this space for updates, or check the feed.