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If you wish to attend the Stalman Lecture please log in/create a new user and then navigate to the schedule and add this talk to your personal schedule by clicking on the star next to the talk. This will allow us to judge numbers for the lecture which is restricted to a maximum number of attendees. Extra places may be available on the day but we advise you to register.

Latest News

20/08/11 Turing Festival Launch

All the attendees for the Dynamic Language Festival will have free access to the Launch Party for the Turing Festival at Dynamic Earth on Friday 26th. Please make sure to confirm this as part of your festival schedule on our site so that we have an accurate appraisal of numbers.

20/08/11 Schedule Published

Yesterday we closed the submissions for new talks to the conference and finalised our talk schedule. We have a whole day packed with great talks and respected speakers which culminates with the talk by Richard Stallman and the launch party for the Turing Festival at Dynamic Earth.

The Dynamic Languages Conference is a new free event held in Edinburgh to coincide with the parent festival, the Turing Conference, a paid event part of the European Festival of Digital Culture and Technology (EFDCT), an official part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world's greatest cultural and artistic event.

Surgeon's Hall Edinburgh

The main festival will take place in the Dynamic Earth on Friday 26th August, then in the Informatics Building Saturday 27th and Sun 28th August. The Dynamic Languages event will be held in the magnificent Surgeon's Hall just 5 minutes walk from the Informatics Building on Friday 26th August.

This site is dedicated to the Dynamic Languages Conference but will also handle the tickets for the "free" events (the Dynamic Language Conference and other events are the technological fringe of the Turing Festival) of the main festival held at the Surgeon's Halls. If you wish to attend any of the associated events held at the Surgeon's Halls and Infomatics Building please register for this conference and you will be granted a pass to all the free events (note that the Turing Conference is not free and you will have to purchase tickets seperately on their site).

The DLC is a cross-language event aimed at Open Source Dynamic Languages, we hope to bring together all the languages in an open forum to discuss and present the manner in which these languages approach and solve tasks at the cutting edge of development technology

This year we will be focussing on Web Applications and System Admministration and how the Dynamic Languages are utilised for these areas. We will accept talks or submissions on these subjects.

Inside the Conference Facilities

If you do not have an Act account already please use the new user link to register for this event, you can then create your own conference schedule.

Our Special guest speaker this year will be Richard Stallman. Please register to see his talk on Copyright vs Community.

Watch this space for updates, or check the feed.